How to solve the chemical performance matching of cutting tool material and processing object


The problem of matching the chemical properties of the cutting tool material and the processing object mainly refers to the matching of the chemical property parameters of the tool material and the workpiece material such as chemical affinity, chemical reaction, diffusion and dissolution. Different materials are suitable for different workpiece materials.
① The anti-bonding temperature of various tool materials (with steel) is: PCBN>ceramic>hard alloy>HSS.
② The anti-oxidation temperature of various tool materials is: ceramic>PCBN>hard alloy>diamond>HSS.
③ The diffusion strength of the tool materials (for steel) is: diamond>Si3N4-based ceramics>PCBN>A1203-based ceramics. The diffusion strength (for titanium) is: A1203-based ceramic>PCBN>SiC>Si3N4>diamond.

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